If you love the feeling of stepping out of bed onto a toasty warm floor in the winter, you probably like the idea of a boiler. This type of heater can be perfect for giving your home the type of even, radiant heat that a furnace can only dream of providing. If you have a boiler already, or you are thinking about having one installed, you can turn to Cutting Edge Total Comfort for comprehensive boiler service in Chesapeake.

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If you aren’t familiar with a boiler heating system, you may be wondering what a boiler does and how it works to heat your home. To put it simply, a boiler is a device that heats water and then distributes it either in the form of water or steam to your home. It can be distributed through pipes that are installed underneath the flooring in your home, or through radiators.


At Cutting Edge Total Comfort, there is no problem that we can’t handle when it comes to boilers. We offer every type of boiler service in Chesapeake including installation for gas and oil boilers, emergency repair services, and yearly maintenance.


Boiler installation is a complex process that should only be performed by experienced technicians. Our boiler installation in Chesapeake always begins with a consultation with you to make sure a boiler is the right heating system for your home or office. Then we help you choose the type of boiler that is right for your property.


There are so many heating choices on the market today that it can seem almost impossible to know which one to choose. When it comes to making the choice between a boiler vs a furnace, you’ll want to consult your personal preferences as well as your heating budget.

Boilers are one of the most efficient heating options on the market today. This is because water and steam are perfect carriers for heat. With a boiler, you don’t get the type of heat loss that you would get from a furnace. You can lose as much as 40% of your heat through leaky ductwork when using a forced air system. Boilers are whisper quiet and provide comfortable heat that is even in every part of the home. You won’t have to huddle in front of a vent to experience the benefits of radiant heat.

However, a boiler does come with a few cons. It can be more expensive upfront to have a boiler installed. It also doesn’t provide you with the opportunity for improving indoor air quality through air circulation, air purification, and humidifiers/dehumidifiers. With a furnace, it’s easy to integrate indoor air quality products. It comes down to how you feel about the upfront cost, efficiency, comfort, and noise level of each system.


If you decide that a boiler will provide the best heat, we’ll help you choose between a gas and an oil boiler.

  • Gas Boiler: Since gas is readily available and affordable in many areas in Chesapeake, VA, a gas boiler is a good choice for many homes.
  • Oil Boiler: If you don’t have access to natural gas in your area, an oil boiler is also a good choice. Oil burns hotter than gas, so many people report having their homes heat faster with an oil boiler.

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A boiler can fail or break down for many different reasons. It can start to have problems if it is getting too old, there is scale buildup in the pipes, the circulator pump has failed, the pilot light is malfunctioning, or the thermostat is broken. You can call us for boiler repair in Chesapeake any time your boiler starts to cause trouble. Some of the most common indications of a broken boiler include:

  • A bad smell
  • Loud noises
  • Discolored water (if you use your boiler to heat your water)
  • Leaking water
  • A pilot light that is any color besides blue


Keeping your boiler maintained is crucial if you want your system to be safe and last a long time. During our boiler maintenance in Chesapeake, we will check your system to make sure all of the safety functions are still working properly, there are no leaks, the system is still running efficiently, and there is no damage or buildup on any of the components. You can have one of our HVAC technicians in Chesapeake come out once a year to inspect and clean your boiler.

Joining our Comfort Club is a great way to protect the lifespan of your boiler. With two options for memberships, you’ll enjoy regular maintenance and careful inspection of your system every year, guaranteed appointment times, and discounted service fee, repairs, and IAQ products! Call us today to learn more about our club options, or to become a member!


We love installing boilers because they offer some of the most comfortable heat. With many years of experience in servicing boilers, you can trust our team at Cutting Edge Total Comfort for quality services that you won’t find anywhere else in the Chesapeake, VA area.

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