Most homeowners today would consider a functioning heating system to be a necessity. They want to remain comfortable in their homes during the winter, and know that professional heating installation in Chesapeake is the best way to achieve this goal.

As a result, they need a heating installation company they can count on, one that will be there to install the system and maintain it in the future. In addition, they want to know whether the heating system installation will be available for repairs if needed.

Many homeowners turn to Cutting Edge Total Comfort for heating installation in Chesapeake and the surrounding Hampton Roads area, and the same holds true for those in need of commercial heating service. We are Virginia’s best HVAC company for several reasons, including our commitment to providing outstanding service at affordable prices.

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Individuals who live in Chesapeake or the surrounding areas know the weather can be fickle. One day it may be hot and muggy. The next day, however, it could be cold and windy. For this reason, they need a reliable heating system to keep themselves and their loved ones warm and comfortable all winter long.

An older heating system might struggle to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. A family may find that they come home to a cold house, rather than one that is toasty warm like they expect it to be.

If this happens, call for heating installation in Chesapeake right away. At Cutting Edge Total Comfort, we offer gas heating installation, electric heating installation, geothermal heating installation, and more. We are proud to provide you with an array of heating options, as we know every property has its own unique needs.

When we send a highly skilled and qualified HVAC technician to your property for service, they will start by examining your current system. If a heating repair service will solve the issue that you are experiencing, they will carry out the work quickly and efficiently.

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Homeowners are rarely aware of the average lifespan of a heating system. When one of Cutting Edge Total Comfort’s professional HVAC technicians recommends a new system, they may express surprise.

Proper heating installation, regular heating maintenance, and annual heating tune-up services help to extend the lifespan of the system. However, most homeowners find it is time for a new heating system installation if their unit is 15 years or older.

Residential heating service carried out routinely isn’t enough to overcome the loss of efficiency seen with older units. Many homeowners find replacing an old existing system actually saves them money on their energy bills each month. This alone is enough to have them calling for heating installation service right away, even if their current system is still functioning.

In addition, a new heating installation service reduces the need for emergency heating services in the future. Nobody wants to wake up in the morning only to find that their heating system has stopped working and the temperature in their home isn’t what they prefer it to be.

We offer residential and commercial HVAC services around the clock, so you never need to wait for help if your heating system isn’t working properly. Our team provides emergency HVAC services specifically for situations such as this.


Heating installation isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. Customers need an experienced HVAC technician like the ones at Cutting Edge Total Comfort to oversee this project. In addition to assessing your home or business to determine the heating needs of your space, we will also discuss all of your heating system installation options. We proudly offer the following heating installation types to fit your needs, no matter what they are.

  • Electric heating installation
  • Gas heating installation
  • Gas and oil boiler heating installation
  • Geothermal heating installation
  • Electric baseboard heating installation
  • Radiator heating installation
  • Heat pump system installation


When you choose us for heating installation, we don’t just install your unit. We also strive to ensure that your new system is working as it should for years to come. By joining our Comfort Club, you will not only be protecting the lifespan of your HVAC system, but you will also be helping to prevent the need for costly heating repairs in the future. With two options for Comfort Club memberships, you’ll enjoy regular maintenance and careful inspection of your system every year, guaranteed appointment times, and discounted service fees, repairs, and IAQ products! Call us today to learn more about our club membership options, or to become a member!


At Cutting Edge Total Comfort, we understand customers want a reputable heating installation company, one that they can count on before, during, and after the installation project. We are that company. Our team handles every part of the installation process, and we make sure to include you every step of the way.

We are a family-owned business and only hire experienced and licensed technicians. Our customers feel safe allowing these technicians into their homes or businesses because they know we have vetted these individuals thoroughly. Every technician working for us undergoes a background check and drug testing before we hire them. We require them to be trained and licensed if they wish to secure a job working for us. Furthermore, we remain licensed and insured to protect our customers.

If you are looking for quality boiler, electric baseboard heating, or central heating services in Chesapeake, VA, or any of the nearby cities, contact Cutting Edge Total Comfort online today, or give us a call at (757) 718-1438. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are standing by to assist you.

Our team of expert hvac contractors are ready to meet your needs, ensuring that your comfort remains our top priority.