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Air Conditioning Replacement

When the time comes for A/C unit replacement, Cutting Edge Total Comfort is your go-to expert for a seamless and efficient transition. Our experienced team understands the significance of a well-functioning system, and we guide you through the entire replacement process with transparency and expertise. From helping you select the right unit that aligns with your needs and budget to executing the installation with precision, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our commitment extends beyond the installation day – we provide ongoing support to ensure your new unit operates at peak efficiency for years to come. Trust Cutting Edge Total Comfort for a hassle-free and reliable A/C unit replacement experience in Hampton Roads.

How We Can Help

Air conditioning systems need a bit of professional intervention at times. That’s why we’re here. At Cutting Edge Total Comfort, we offer a complete lineup of HVAC services to help keep your family comfortable. That includes AC replacement in Chesapeake when the time comes to get rid of your old air conditioning system. Contact us to book an appointment, and let our licensed HVAC service technicians take care of your HVAC needs.

Common Problems

New HVAC systems require significant upfront investments. Because of that, you don’t want to purchase one and have it installed unless it’s necessary. Of course, determining if the system needs to be replaced isn’t always a simple matter. We’re here to help. As a highly qualified central air conditioning replacement contractor, we can perform an inspection to find out if your AC needs to be replaced.

In the meantime, pay close attention to your air conditioner. It can tell you if it’s nearing the end of its lifespan as long as you know what to look for. Take heed to the following warning signs that it may be time for air conditioner replacement.

Age of the Air Conditioner2023-12-11T22:30:35+00:00

Air conditioning systems can last for 15 or 20 years with routine maintenance. If yours is more than 10 years old, be aware that the need for air conditioning and heating replacement could be drawing nigh. If you’re not sure how old your air conditioner is, it may be a good idea to start planning for a central air conditioner replacement now.

High Repair Costs2023-12-11T22:29:36+00:00

Increasing repair costs could mean it’s time for heating and cooling replacement as well. Breakdowns are going to happen, but they shouldn’t be a constant problem. If your AC seems to be broken down more often than it’s working correctly or the cost of repairs has gotten out of hand, the time has probably come for air conditioner replacement.

Running Constantly of Short-Cycling2023-12-11T22:28:22+00:00

When an air conditioner is working properly, the system should start up and run until the temperature in the home matches your preset temperature on the thermostat. Then, it should shut down for a short break. If yours is running constantly and rarely shuts off it at all, AC replacement in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas may be necessary.

Short cycling could also indicate the need for central air conditioning replacement. That happens when an AC system starts up only to immediately shut down again. It’s a surefire sign that something’s not right, and it could mean the system needs to be replaced.

No Cool Air Coming from the Vents2023-12-11T22:27:14+00:00

Another warning sign that you may soon need air conditioner replacement is a lack of cold air coming from the vents. If your AC system is producing warm air or doesn’t blow out air at all, it may be beyond hope. Contact us, and let our skilled technicians take a look at the system.

In some cases, a lack of cold air coming from an AC system can be resolved with repairs or a tune-up. This problem can stem from clogged filters, low coolant levels, damaged blower motors, and certain other malfunctions. Sometimes, though, central air conditioner replacement is the best or only solution.

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